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I have a hosting with my DNS and my Mail service (example.com).. I want to set my own mail server, but keeping the domain name example.com. i searched over the internet and found about mx records but I have some doubts.

can I set A record to point to my static public IP where my mailserver it's placed? something like : example.com -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(my public ip, different than hosting ip) or do I have to set a subdomain to point to my ip? (mail.example.com-> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)

after that, i just have to set the mx record to example.com?

is what i got this far, i suppose after that i'll have to set forward port 25 to my local mailserver adress and start a server app for mail manage

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Not sure, but I think A records always point to IPs and Sub-domains can point to domains or other sub-domains. –  Davinder Nov 8 '12 at 22:09
yes, but my hosting it's limited to 1 subdomain that i'll use to host a blog, so I don't have the option to create another one, that's why I want to do it directly from the main domain in my hosting to my lan –  aXul Nov 8 '12 at 22:34

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For the domain to be able to receive email, you should not be setting an A or AAAA record. You should be setting an MX record. The target of the MX record is the name of the server that will be handling the incoming email for that domain.

You should not set the MX record on a subdomain of the domain you wish to configure for email. You should place it on the actual domain that will form the part of email addresses after the @.

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