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I am new to xcode and I seem to be stuck at trying to create a tableview with sections.

My code below creates the header however I cannot seem to display the rows that belong to the section. I'm sure it has to do with the multidimensional array. I say this because "dobSection" value is "results" when I suppose it should display the dates under "DOB".

I have spent hours trying many different ways to get this to work..... eh! No luck.

The Json is somewhat like this:


and the code

NSMutableArray *jsonResults;

- (void)fetchedData:(NSData *)responseData {

NSError* error;

NSDictionary* json = [NSJSONSerialization




jsonResults = [json objectForKey:@"results"];

self.dob = json;

self.keys = [jsonResults valueForKey:@"DOB"];

[self.tableView reloadData];


- (NSInteger)numberOfSectionsInTableView:(UITableView *)tableView


    // Return the number of sections.
    return [keys count];
    //return 1;


- (NSInteger)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView numberOfRowsInSection:(NSInteger)section


    // Return the number of rows in the section.
   // NSString *key = [keys objectAtIndex:section];

   NSString *key = [keys objectAtIndex:section];

   NSArray *dobSection = [dob objectForKey:key];
   return [dobSection count];

in addition by replacing this:

NSArray *dobSection = [dob objectForKey:key];


NSArray *dobSection=[[games objectForKey:@"results"]valueForKey:@"dob"];

I get all rows. I cannot get them to group by DOB

My code above may be flawed however I would love some input on how to get this right.

Thank you

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what should self.keys store after self.keys = [jsonResults valueForKey:@"DOB"]; ? – user427969 Nov 9 '12 at 0:39
"keys" only represents the value of the section headers for the table. I dont use "keys" again – g r Nov 9 '12 at 3:21

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