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I am trying to add a BrokenBarHCollection to multiple axis on my figure, as follows:

barcollection = collections.BrokenBarHCollection(...
ax1 = plt.subplot(211)
ax2 = plt.subplot(212)

As is, the figure only shows the collection in the second subplot. If I comment the ax2.add line out, it shows the collection only in the first subplot. Declaring the barcollection again between lines 3 and 4 makes it show up in both subplots. Why is this happening?

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This is because the matplotlib objects know what plot they are attached to and will not attach to more than one.

If you use the copy module to make a shallow copy, then you can re-use most of the data structure across multiple axes.

import copy
bc2 = copy.copy(barcollection)

There was another question about this recently, but I am having trouble finding it.

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