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I've seen a lot of solutions for parallaxing layered divs or sections with background images...I was hoping someone had a solution or knowledge of an existing plugin for parallaxing a div / section with multiple CSS backgrounds, eg:

background: url(foo.png), url(foo2.png), url(foo3.png);
background-position: x x, x x, x x;
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(Stellar.js)http://markdalgleish.com/projects/stellar.js/ ---> This is a javascript library specially for the purpose of parallaxing multiple CSS backgrounds. Example --> http://markdalgleish.com/projects/stellar.js/demos/backgrounds.html

This might help you with your answer. cheers!

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Very good library and easy to use! –  Martavis P. May 30 at 16:44
Absolutely True! –  Vaibhav Jun 1 at 9:28

I do not have an answer (nor the reputation to comment on the previous) but know that Stellar.js is unfortunately (still) not capable of exactly what you’re after: https://github.com/markdalgleish/stellar.js/issues/45

Stellar.js requires multiple elements to work.

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