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Is there a way to get the last_insert_id when using laravel's raw query?

DB::query('INSERT into table VALUES ('stuff') ')

This returns true or false. Is there a way to get last_insert_id using raw queries in Laravel?

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(this is DB product specific, example I've given is for MySQL/MariaDB.)

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It does not work with PgSQL –  Volatil3 Feb 23 at 18:58
@Volatil3 correct. This is for MySQL, won't work for others. –  eis Feb 23 at 20:31
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Just the benefit of those who might have be having the same question for laravel 4, there is a slight syntax change from @haso-keric's response.

It is:

$id = DB::table('users')->insertGetId(array('email' => 'example@gmail.com')

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Inserting a record that has an auto-incrementing ID? You can use the insert_get_id method to insert a record and retrieve the ID:

$id = DB::table('users')->insert_get_id(array('email' => 'example@gmail.com')); Note: The insert_get_id method expects the name of the auto-incrementing column to be "id".

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