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I have been trying to figure this out all day... but can't seem to get it working.

I have this code that works:

<?php foreach ($value['options'] as $option) { ?>
<option><?php echo $option; ?></option>
<?php } ?>

and it displays correctly with the array listed as my options. But I wanted a value with each array by splilting another array I had into an option by doing this:

<?php foreach ($value['options'] as $option) {
      foreach ($value['cids'] as $cid) { ?>
<option value="<?php echo $cid; ?>"><?php echo $option; ?></option>
<?php } } ?>

Whenever I do that, it my options are multiplied in every possible way, which I dont want. How would I go about doing something like this

<?php foreach ($value['options'] as $option AND $value['cids'] as $cid) { 
    echo $option;
    echo $cid;
 } ?>

I know that doesn't work... just want something similar. Thanks in advance!

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Are your arrays numerically indexed and have the same number of items? You can use a for loop with an increment variable. –  Brian Glaz Nov 8 '12 at 23:19
yes, they are equal values. How would I used the for loop with my arrays and it parameters? Im not the best with php, but I understand a good bit of it. –  JCBiggar Nov 9 '12 at 4:58

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Use MultipleIterator:

$array1 = range(1,5);
$array2 = range(6,10);

$iterator = new MultipleIterator();
$iterator->attachIterator(new ArrayIterator($array1));
$iterator->attachIterator(new ArrayIterator($array2));
foreach($iterator as $items){
        echo $items[0].' - '.$items[1];


Of course, real old school (you younguns don't know how much foreach has spoiled you):

$array1 = range(1,5);
$array2 = range(6,10);

//reset array pointers to be sure
while((list(,$a) = each($array1)) && (list(,$b) = each($array2))){
   echo $a .':'.$b.PHP_EOL;
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We assume that both $value['options'] and $value['cids'] have the same length $length:

<?php  for($i=0 ; $i < $length; $i++) { ?>
    <option value="<?php echo $value['options'][$i]; ?>"><?php echo $value['cids'][$i]; ?></option>
<?php } ?>

If your array, however, is associative, you can use something like :

function getArrayFromIndex($arr, $ind)
    foreach ($arr as $key => $value) {
        if ($i==$ind)
             return $key;

to get your Nth element by calling


instead of


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They may have not numeric, not consecutive or not equal keys –  zerkms Nov 8 '12 at 23:21
@zerkms ok for not numeric, but if it's not consecutive it would be the same problem as foreach –  Majid L Nov 8 '12 at 23:30
thanks for this.. I tried it, but it doesnt seem to be working for me. I need to keep my parameters in my variables. $value['options'] –  JCBiggar Nov 9 '12 at 5:13
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First of all, thank you all for the answers. It led me to the right direction. Here is what I did to get this working.


$myoptions = array_combine($value['options'], $value['cid']);
foreach ($myoptions as $option => $cid) { ?>

<option value="<?php echo $cid; ?>"><?php echo $option; ?></option>

<?php }  ?>

I did an array_combine to echo my values.

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