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I have a problem. at the time of my query, I show more than 100 rows and I wonder if anyone can make a page to show me only 25 rows per page


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What db are you using??? –  Senad Meškin Nov 9 '12 at 0:12
sorry i don't see you... its MySQL. –  Carlos Cruz Nov 9 '12 at 0:33
There's an excellent video tutorial on how to do this here: youtube.com/phpapplied –  Norse Nov 9 '12 at 19:32

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I would recommend using ready made solution.

  1. If you can work with jQuery oick one of these plugins
  2. You can also use JQuery DataTable. Check this example
  3. Or you can write a custom solution. This might help
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thanks for answered. I would check this examples. let's see what i can do. thanks –  Carlos Cruz Nov 9 '12 at 0:26

The LIMIT clause can be used to constrain the number of rows returned by the SELECT statement:

FROM `table`
WHERE <conditions>
LIMIT 25 OFFSET <offset>
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thanks for answered, nut i need some like this http://demos.99points.info/super_paging/ –  Carlos Cruz Nov 9 '12 at 0:16
welcome, hope that helps –  marknatividad Nov 9 '12 at 0:19
thanks but i need to solve this problem –  Carlos Cruz Nov 9 '12 at 0:21

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