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I am trying to register a different instance of my database depending upon the constructor name. I am familiar with the "first wins" concept in Castle Windsor, but apparently I don't fully understand it.

I would like uaxDB parameter name below to signal ControllerInstaller to give me the instance with UAXmongoURL, UAXmongoConnection parameters. Instead I am getting the first instance, with USERmongoURL and USERmongoconnection parameters. So...first wins, but even when I used named instances? How can I fix so that the named instance trumps any default ordering?

Note I don't just want to swap the order of the two components, because I'm about to have yet more instances so I need to scale beyond 2....said another way, I really need to understand what I'm doing wrong.

// Trying to avoid this constructor declaration in favor of the uncommented constructor
// public DBViewerModel(IMongoConnection devDB, IMongoConnection uaxDB, IMongoConnection prodDB)
public DBViewerModel(IMongoConnection mongoConnection)
    //this.devMongoConnection = devDB;
    //this.uaxMongoConnection = uaxDB;
    //this.prodMongoConnection = prodDB;
    this.mongoConnection = mongoConnection;

With registration...


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Do you really need different registrations for this? Couldn't you have one implementation that reads a connection string from a config file and then change the config value for your environments? –  TylerOhlsen Nov 9 '12 at 1:40
But I will have both instances running at once. A different model will have the other instance injected, all in one app. –  goldfinger Nov 9 '12 at 2:40
Can you show an example of your component registration of DBViewerModel and further up your layers to where you actually chose to use either "dataDB" or "uaxDB"? –  TylerOhlsen Nov 9 '12 at 4:03

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You can specify explicitly what component should be injected by service overrides: http://docs.castleproject.org/Windsor.Registering-components-one-by-one.ashx#Supplying_the_component_for_a_dependency_to_use_Service_override_9

This is the older way how to do it. If you are using latest version of Windsor, it is prefferable to use DependsOn(Dependency.OnComponent("uaxDB", "uaxDB")) API instead.

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