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I know many programmers have aliases like

ror='script/rails server'



Are there any others that would be useful for Ruby on Rails development?

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Newer versions of rails have greatly reduced the amount of command-line typing, almost to the point of making aliases unnecessary (as long as you use binstubs - or like typing bundle exec). For example script/rails server has become rails s - not bad. Personally, I get more mileage out of things like custom generators and in-editor code templates.

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An alias for pwd seems weird to me, and p is too generic to be useful or meaningful.

I have none other than those installed by a zsh plugin (I think that's where they came from):

rc='_rails_command console'
rd='_rails_command destroy'
rdb='_rails_command dbconsole'
rdbm='rake db:migrate db:test:clone'
rdm='rake db:migrate'
rdr='rake db:rollback'
rg='_rails_command generate'
rgm='_rails_command generate migration'
rp='_rails_command plugin'
rs='_rails_command server'
rsd='_rails_command server --debugger'
ru='_rails_command runner'

I never use them except occasionally rc.

IMO aliases should reflect your own personal workflow and a generic set is difficult.

What is "useful" depends entirely on how you work, the project, etc. For example, I have a couple of aliases that get loaded up when working on a current project because it puts log files in a custom location, so I have aliases that tail -f the two logs in questions.

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rdm='rake db:migrate' looks like a good one... Maybe some of the more verbose test initiation could be aliased, like rake cucumber:focus, too... –  Brad Werth Nov 9 '12 at 0:57
p (pwd) and x (exit) seem a bit weird it's true but I think if you tried them out for a few days (suprisingly hard, I have to sticky my monitor sometimes for a change in habits) I think you might be pleasantly surprised. Particularly x when I have five windows open and I find x x x x x is easier on my hands (rsi issues) than exit exit exit exit exit –  Michael Durrant Nov 14 '12 at 20:23
@MichaelDurrant I just hit ^D, no return required. Even with my RSI it's not worth it for these. My prompt provides all the directory information I need almost all the time. –  Dave Newton Nov 14 '12 at 20:36

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