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Can we add a static variable and a non static variable together in java? For example,

class Evolve{
    static int i = 1;
    static int j = 2;
    int x = 3;
    static int y = 6;

    public static void main(String args[]){
        System.out.println(i + j);
        System.out.println(x + i);
        System.out.println(i + y);
        System.out.println(x + j);


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Not until you initialize an instance of Evolve and refer to it as


or like this

Evolve evolve = new Evolve();
System.out.println(evolve.i + Evolve.j);
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No, the non-static (or instance) variable x is not accessible in the static context of the main method.

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You'll need the non static to be in an instance, then you can add them using Evolve.i + this.x

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There is nothing to do with static/non-static about whether you can add it or not.

It is simply how you should access static and non-static (instance) variable.

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Since x is an instance variable, you need an instance of the Evolve object...

public static void main(String args[]){
  Evolve ev = new Evolve();
  System.out.println(Evolve.i + Evolve.j);
  System.out.println(ev.x + Evolve.i);
  System.out.println(Evolve.i + Evolve.y);
  System.out.println(ev.x + Evolve.j);
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Thanks all of you... –  JavaApprentice Nov 9 '12 at 2:49

You can add static variables together but to add a non-static with a static you have use this.("non-static variable") except in static methods.

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