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Ahh.. help! I have a flight in 10 hours and have to move my project from my iMac running Lion to a friend's MacBook Pro (running a 10.6.8 MacOSX). I had already an account made 6 months ago and had installed XCode 4.2 on it.

So now I copied the Project folder from my iMac to the MacBook pro and then tried to run. No success. I then copied as well the Cococs2D v2 library (previously I had only the v1 in that Mac) but no success. Unfortunately I am not sure if copying and extracting is enough and hence I run also "install templates". But I still get the following problem:


It seems related to the absence of the Foundation class but I have no idea on how to solve this.. any help??

EDIT: I tried to create a brand new project on the "old" MacBook Pro with the "old" XCode 4.2 and it doesn't work.. ahh.. why? This time it fails to find the UIKit.h file.

I think it got completely messed up.. probably I should try to download a new XCode and start from scratch.. but then I will have to reconfigure also the developer certificates on it I think.

Here is the new error..

enter image description here

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check the build paths and stuff like that for your project. My advice, create a new project on the old laptop, and compare the settings to see where the changes are. Worst case scenario, create a new project on the old laptop and manually add all your classes and assets to that new project, till it is functionally ther same as the old one. Wish i could help more, and good luck. –  Bergasms Nov 9 '12 at 1:38
Yep, thanks. I tried to create a brand new project (Both Cocos2d 2 and iOS) and I get an error in the Prefix.phc file saying that UIKit/UIkit.h is not found.. basically, I can't even get to run a simple new project on my old mac now.. mmhh weird.. –  mm24 Nov 9 '12 at 1:44
A couple of things to try (I don't know anything about Cocos2D so is a guess)... Are the right frameworks included in the project? Try deleting the derived data (through the organizer) and do a clean (Product -> Clean)? –  bobnoble Nov 9 '12 at 2:24
I tried product clean but did not work. I am not sure how to check if the right frameworks are included in the project. Would you be able to guide me on this? Is there any tutorial? –  mm24 Nov 9 '12 at 2:29
Posted as answer so I could include an image. –  bobnoble Nov 9 '12 at 3:06

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Image below shows where you can see the frameworks in your project. Add a framework using the plus (+) button.

enter image description here

From the errors in your pch file, looks like you need at least the Foundation.framework and UIKit.framework.

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