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I have written a simple little function that refreshes the page every 60 seconds for the purpose of a '' function. However, when I execute a search and it eventually comes round to refreshing the page with the search results I get the following error which I cannot figure out:

can't convert nil into String

app/models/product.rb:37:in `+'
app/models/product.rb:37:in `fuzzy_search'
app/controllers/products_controller.rb:92:in `search'

def self.fuzzy_search(search_string)
    (LINE 37)   search_string = "%" + search_string + "%"
        self.find(:all, :conditions => ["title LIKE ?", search_string])

(LINE 92) @products = Product.fuzzy_search(params[:search_string])
        if @products.empty?
  [:alert] = "No records found - displaying all records..."
            @products = Product.find :all, :order => 'title'
        render :action => "index"

Any help would be appreciated Thanks

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4 Answers 4

Consider what happens if you don't provide a search_string parameter in the request:

search_string = params[:search_string] # nil

Instead of running the search with a nil argument, it probably makes sense to handle the unexpected emptiness:

unless params[:search_string].nil?
  @products = Product.fuzzy_search(params[:search_string])
  abort('Search with something!') # don't actually do this

Even better, just check for the key in params:

if params.key?(:search_string)
  # do search
  # panic
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You param search_string is nil

I would modify fuzzy_search

def self.fuzzy_search(search_string)
  return [] unless search_string
  self.find(:all, :conditions => ["title LIKE ?", "%#{search_string}%"])

With this change, @products would be empty and your code would hit the @products.empty? condition and flash an error.

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If you concatenate your string a little differently, it won't matter that the search string is nil. Try it like this, instead: search_string = "%#{ search_string }%". This will result in anything in #{} being cast to a string.

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This should result in all records being returned, for an empty search, unlike the other proposed solutions, which return nothing. – Brad Werth Nov 9 '12 at 7:09

The error is caused by the string "%" attempting to be concatenated to NilClass (nil).

The quickest fix would be to do the following.

The code on LINE 37:

search_string = "%" + search_string + "%"

should be changed to:

search_string = "%#{search_string}%"

Kyle's suggestion to refactor the method is also a good one.

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