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I'm having an issue when running a webpage on iOS Safari.

I am using the canvas-text library to render text which works perfectly on the following:

  • Ubuntu/Windows -- chrome, firefox
  • Mac -- Safari
  • Android -- default, firefox, opera, dolphin

However, it does not work on iPhone.

I enabled the javascript console on the iPhone and I get a few errors which read :

Javascript: Error undefined

TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object

The console does not display line numbers, but by placing alert boxes throughout the code I was able to isolate where the problem occured. Here is the code which produces the error:

usedX = context.measureText(textUsername).width + context.measureText(textInput).width + paddingInput*2 + borderInput*2;

The problem exists within context.measureText. I know this because I have tried replacing the previous code with the following:

var usedX = context.measureText("why is this an error?");

and I still got the error on that line.

I know for sure that context and measureText are defined because I have done:


which alerted:

function measureText(){[native code]}

As I said, the problem seems to be in measureText. I have Googled lot's and could not find a solution.

I am a JavaScript noob, so I won't be all that surprised if there is a simple fix. But it seems all is well with the code, and this is a problem with iPhone's implementation of measureText.

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