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I have a form with two collection_select fields, the first one is an easy one, it just gets a model named courses, which shows the course name, and of course returns the id of the selected course, the second is the one Im having problems with, its a collection_select of the similar courses a course may have.

The courses model:

class Course < ActiveRecord::Base
  extend FriendlyId
  friendly_id :name, use: :slugged 
  attr_accessible :code, :credits, :name, :description, :active

  has_many :similars, dependent: :destroy
  has_many :similar_courses, through: :similars, source: :similar


The similar model:

class Similar < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :course_id, :similar_id

  belongs_to :course
  belongs_to :similar, class_name: "Course"

  validates :similar_id, presence: true
  validates :course_id, presence: true


this is the homologate model, the thing with this model is that a course must be approved or rejected if one wants to transfer classes and stuff like that:

class Homologation < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :homologate_by, :homologate_course, :student_id
  belongs_to :user

this is the form Im having problems with:

<%= form_for(@homologation) do |f| %>
      <%= render 'shared/error_messages', object: @homologation %>
      <%= f.label :homologate_course %>
      <%= f.collection_select :homologate_course, Course.find(:all), :id, :name, :prompt => "Select a Course" %>

      <%= f.label :homologate_by %>
      <%= f.collection_select :homologate_by, Similar.find(:all), :similar_id, :name, :prompt => "Select a Similar Course" %>
    <div class="form-actions">
      <%= f.submit "Create Homologation", class: "btn btn-large btn-primary" %>
    <% end %>

Im getting the following error


the Bartolleti thing is the name of the course I want to be able to show, and that of course is not a method, but I dont know Why Im getting the error, I want to be able to show the names of the similar courses given the first collection field course...

Thank you for your help!

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From the doc of collection_select :

collection_select(object, method, collection, value_method, text_method, options = {}, html_options = {})

Then with your code you have Course.find(Similar.find_by_id(:similar_id)).name as the text_method, that is why you get this error message.

One solution could be to add a method on your Similar model to get the similar course name :

def similar_name

then you can use it as the text_method in your collection_select :

<%= f.collection_select :homologate_by, Similar.find(:all), :similar_id, :similar_name, :prompt => "Select a Similar Course" %>
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First, I'd recommend taking your "Similar" logic out of the form. So do your find.all on it in the controller and use it in your view as an instance variable @similar_list or so.

Second, have a look at options_from_collection_for_select for your form here:


Let me know if this helps you at all.

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Here the problem is ,

        <%= f.collection_select :homologate_by, Similar.find(:all), :similar_id, :name, :prompt => "Select a Similar Course" %>

          In this line :name is trying to find a record from course and the course name.

So, it better to write Similar.find(:all) in the controller.

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