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Im trying to have a list which adds to it whenever a function is called. For example if you push button 1 a function is called which adds 5 to listone or if you push button2 the number 10 is added to listone.And I want list one to continuously show the results when it gets updated. For example I create a class Class MyClass(object) def init(self): listone=[] then button1 button2 ..

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We don't even know what gui framework you're working with. I think you're going to need to show us some minimal code illustrating your problem –  mgilson Nov 9 '12 at 2:16

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Does something like this help?

class MyClass(object):
    my_list = []
    def __init__(self, initial_list):
        self.my_list = initial_list
    def button_1(self):
        self.my_list = [ele + 5 for ele in self.my_list]
    def button_2(self):
        self.my_list = [ele + 10 for ele in self.my_list]


>>> a = MyClass([1,2,3])
>>> a.button_1()
[6, 7, 8]
>>> a.button_2()
[16, 17, 18]
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