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I have a basic doubt about threads in gtk. I would like to run two functions in parallel in gtk . Is it ok if i use gobject_timeoutadd for the same . if yes, should i use gtk.thread_enter and gtk.thread_leave ?

my idea of the program looks like this

import gtk,gobject

class Gtk_main:

    def __init__(self):

    def test_1(self):

        return True

    def test_2(self):

        return True


This code is just an example. When i really used gtk.thread_enter and gtk.thread_leave, the program hangs. So i wanted to clear my understanding about gtk threads .

Thanks in Advance, thothadri

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I haven't looked so much on how one is supposed to do, but I've solved my threading in pygtk like the question here does stackoverflow.com/questions/13291055/… with the addition of the threads_init() like you allready have. –  deinonychusaur Nov 9 '12 at 9:31

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If you use only timeouts, then you don't need to use GDK threads.

If you use both timeouts and threads, then you don't need to call threads_enter() and threads_leave() in your timeout callback.

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Your example hangs because gtk.main() calls gdk_threads_leave() before it enters the loop and gdk_threads_enter() after it exits the loop so if you call gtk.gdk.threads_init() your code should be something like the following one.


PS. I am not sure that Gtk_main() must go after thread initialization but I think it will not hurt.

As ptomato said, timeout_add() is not thread safe but this is a problem only if you need to call gtk functions from a different thread. A simple approach is:

import functools

def thread_safe(func):
    def wrapper(*args, **kwds):
            return func(*args, **kwds)
    return wrapper

threads_timeout_add = thread_safe(gobject.timeout_add)
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Hey, thanks for the response. Will try out and respond to you soon –  Thothadri Rajesh Nov 14 '12 at 20:44

I always used Python and not GTK Threads in my programs, which worked well.

However, it's still necessary to gobject.threads_init() and maybe even gtk.gdk.threads_init() depending on your GTK version.

Also you need to import threading, of which you'll find a superb documentation at the official python docs.

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