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I'm getting a JSON object from my database that looking like this :

products = [
    {"ID":1, "CODE":"code1", "DESCRIPTION":"abcd", "PRICE":100},
    {"ID":2, "CODE":"code2", "DESCRIPTION":"efgh", "PRICE":100},
    {"ID":3, "CODE":"code3", "DESCRIPTION":"ijkl", "PRICE":100}

Then I have a select element with options having text = CODE and value = ID for each product. Now when user select a product in the dropdown, I want to fill some textboxes with DESCRIPTION and PRICE of the selected product. Is there any built-in function to do something like this :

var myObject = products("ID" = selectedValue)


I'd like to use

myObject.DESCRIPTION, myObject.PRICE

to fill my textboxes. Thank you

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You can use $.each utility function:

   var id = this.value;
   $.each(products, function(i, myObject){
      if (myObject.ID === id) {
        return false;
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Thank you, it works fine :) – user1671731 Nov 9 '12 at 3:23

Modern javascript engines (IE9 and above, node.js and standards compliant browsers) also support the functional list methods for arrays: map, reduce, and filter.

This is a classic case for filter:

var myObject = products.filter(function(x){return x.ID == selectedValue})[0];

For older borwsers you can implement this shim:

if (!Array.prototype.filter) {
    Array.prototype.filter = function(callback, myself) {
        if (!myself) myself = this;
        var result = [];
        for (var i=0;i<myself.length;i++) {
            if (callback(myself[i],i,myself)) result.push(myself[i]);
        return result;
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