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I'm trying to run a script on a remote machine (both machines use bash), using ssh, which has the following lines:

cd /home/invitado/
rm -r !(Desktop|Downloads|Videos|Pictures)

So when I run ssh hostname './remove', I get this error:

syntax error near unexpected token `('

I tried appending this line to the script

shopt -s extglob

But I'm still having the same error, so what should I do? Thanks for your help.

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shopt -s extglob should be before rm -r !(Desktop|Downloads|Videos|Pictures).

To verify, see what is the original value of extglob by running just shopt.

Note: In my case, that value was set when I run the command rm directly from the shell. But when I put it in script, it failed. Realized that extglob is set by default when running from interactive shell. & It is disabled by default when running inside the script.

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