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I'm trying to have the user enter either 'Y' to restart the program (branch back to main) or 'N' (branch to end program). I'm reading a single char using syscall opcode 12

la $a0, newLine             # Print the newLine
li $v0, 4

la $a0, endPrompt           # print the Start over message
li $v0, 4

li $v0, 12              # take in char input
move $t0, $v0

lb $t1, ($t0)               # Load the char byte into t1

beq $t1, 89, main           # Go back to start if they entered 'Y'
bne $t1, 78, endCheck           # Ask the user again because input was not 'N' or 'Y'

li $v0, 10              

I'm getting an error on the lb line. And even when I allocated space of 1 byte on the data segment and read the input as a String of 1 character, I get an infinite loop (it's always branching back to endCheck when it does compile right) What am I doing wrong?

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When you use syscall 12, the character itself is returned in $v0. It doesn't give you an address from which to read the character. You can omit the lb entirely.

Consequently, you're using $t1 for the comparisons when you should be using $t0.

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