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val someVariableIWantToSave    //I do not know what to do here

When("""^this request is sent to the XYZ service:$"""){ (requestData:DataTable) =>
 //// we might want to do somethign else with Datatable in the mapping of the       feature, nothing yet
var someVariableIWantToSave = requestData.asMaps()


I mean the asMaps method returns a List[Map[String,String]] type and I want to save it to the someVariableIWantToSave val so I can use it in other steps, but I am not sure what to initialize it to and how to map it properly without a lot of code noise.

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You can't "save something to a val", because vals can't be changed. Since you just get request data in this step and not in others, you should just have

When("""^this request is sent to the XYZ service:$"""){ (requestData:DataTable) =>
  val someVariableIWantToSave = requestData.asMaps()
  // do something with someVariableIWantToSave
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i want to use that request data in other steps –  Ryan Medlin Nov 10 '12 at 1:20

this was my solution. Since this is just test code using var is Ok here.. i set it to the global in the test and then other Steps can use it...

var request: java.util.List[java.util.Map[String, String]] = _

When("""^this request is sent to the blah service:$"""){ (requestData:DataTable) =>
request = requestData.asMaps() 


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