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I am new to iphone programming. Can any body tell me that how to manually add audio files inside the photo gallery? I got some link like we can manually add video inside the simulator but that is only video. I want audio files,too. I have searched in google but I didnt find any where how to add audios files inside photo gallery.

Please can any body tell me. Thanks

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The iPhone's photo gallery does not support audio files.

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where i have to add audio files –  Anitha Nov 9 '12 at 5:25

You can not add audio files to Photo Library. But you can use iPod Library Access Programming Guide for same approach.

Also refer AddMusic demo. AddMusic demonstrates basic use of iPod library access, part of the Media Player framework. You use iPod library access to play songs, audio books, and audio podcasts that are synced from a user's desktop iTunes library. This sample uses the Media Player framework's built-in user interface for choosing music.

AddMusic also demonstrates how to mix application audio with iPod library audio

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