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I have download cocos2dx 2.0.4(2012-11-02) and create project by running bat file for Android,, but there is no files generate inside the src\org\cocos2dx? I have issue with version 2.0.3 also. Can anyone help to resolve the issue.


OS: Windows 7(32 bit) Platform : Android

Thank you.

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They build the cocos2d-x java code separately. You need to create android project using existing source (same as when you do it for your project in eclipse) using the platform/android/java folder , then add this project as a library project of your own project.

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thanks dude, i hv create project and add package into my project from platform/android/java –  Sameer Z. Nov 12 '12 at 5:59

Edit the batch file called create-android-project.bat to adapt it to your environment, something like: set _CYGBIN=C:\cygwin\bin The path of cygwin bin

set _ANDROIDTOOLS=D:\anroid\android-sdk-windows\tools The path of android sdk tools

set _NDKROOT=D:\anroid\android-ndk-r7b The root of ndk

Please feel free to ask if any issue

"Helping Other means helping yourself"

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