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I'm writing a ruby gem that is dependent upon configuration information in the running application.

I'm trying to follow a pattern based on this this thoughtbot article or this stack overflow question

and I can see that my config/initializer data in the outer app does load, but the problem is, I have code that is dependent upon that initializer that runs before the initializer settings are picked up by the gem.

How can I guarantee that the initialization data is loaded in a timely manner?

Here's my config/initializer code:

MbSharedScoreboard.configure do |config|
   config.foo = "bar"

and here's the where the order I read data in the gem:

require "mb_shared_scoreboard/configuration"
require "mb_shared_scoreboard/version"
require "mb_shared_scoreboard/models/service"
require "mb_shared_scoreboard/models/subject"
require "mb_shared_scoreboard/models/foo"

module MbSharedScoreboard

  def self.root
    File.expand_path('../..', __FILE__)


and here's the configuration.rb - the first file loaded:

module MbSharedScoreboard

  class Configuration
    attr_accessor :foo
    def initialize
      @foo = "foo"

  class << self
    attr_accessor :configuration

  def self.configure
    self.configuration ||= Configuration.new
    yield configuration
    puts "startup configuration: #{self.configuration.to_s}"

Any ideas?

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According to the official documentation,

In the rare event that your application needs to run some code before Rails itself is loaded, put it above the call to require 'rails/all' in config/application.rb.

You may be able to just get by with including that file there, instead of moving the entire contents.

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