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I am new to iOS developer, using Storyboard I get Image from the URL and load an image to the UITableviewcell when scroll the tableview the table will scroll very slowly and struck to scroll.

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Here check ou the following links , you should use lazy loading for this,

Lazy load images in UITableView

Loading images from a URL into a UITableViewCell's UIImageView

Load image to a tableView from URL iphone sdk

Lazy load images in UITableViewCell

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using json parser i get image from url and i load to tableview problem is when i am scroll the table view it will struck to scroll – user1761301 Nov 9 '12 at 6:26

You should use lazy loading of image in your cells. The slowness or stuck is happening because you are fetching the image ( a network activity) in your main thread or the UI thread.

You can get a lot of tutorial in net for loading images async. Here is a tutorial from Apple : link

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see the answer from this question for AsynchImage.. iphone-download-asynchronous

also use AsynchImage for download image and set in UITableViewCell as a image


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