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Generally we can get source code from the apk file as shown in this link. But: is it possible to hide the source code from the apk?

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Source code or compiled code or obfuscated code are just different forms of same piece of information, if you can create one form from another, then be sure some one else can do the reverse.However, you can make the reverse process difficult by deliberately confusing anyone who tries, hence obfuscation is your best bet. In short: use Proguard tool. – S.D. Nov 9 '12 at 6:56
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The code that you write is converted into class files then dex files, so directly viewing the code is not possible. but however dex compilers can be used to de-compile the source code but that requires some good knowledge so for that you have to obfuscate the code. Google by default provides proguard so that you can protect the code

you can read about proguard from here

In simple words you cannot hide the source code, but just add this line proguard.config=proguard.cfg to your file so making it difficult to be decoded . You can check here for an example

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No, because the android system has to be able to read it in order to run it. You can obfuscate it with tools like Proguard to make it harder to decompile, but there's no way to make it completely impossible.

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