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how to display number in a certain format in php

I have following digit : 3234.54554545545

I want to split it like 3234.54, means I want to display only 2 char after dot.

Following is something I am trying but its not working

$v = "3234.54554545";
$pos = strpos($v, '.');
$r = substr($v, count($pos) - 3);
echo $v."".$r;

Actual result: 3234.54554545545 Desired output : 3234.54

Please help me. Thanks

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You can use number_format function as:

$v = "3234.54554545";
$r = number_format($v, 2, '.', '');
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Why can't you use number_format?

    $v = "3234.54554545";
    $r = number_format($v, 2);
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PHP is super-flexible with it's types, and numeric strings can be used directly as numbers.

//This is true
('123.45' == 123.45)

As such you can use number_format to format the string. You can also use sprintf if you need more control.

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