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I want to insert a JSON document to a varchar column in my MySQL database. I am developing my application in ASP.NET and c#. I use the following command:

MySqlCommand cmnd = new MySqlCommand("UPDATE sharding_conf SET config = \"" + json + "\" WHERE id = 1");

The problem is that the JSON document also contains the " character so I get an error.

You have an error in your SQL syntax; 

How can I insert a JSON document? - Just note that I intend to de-serialize it when I read the data back from the database and put it in an object.

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Use parameterized queries in place of inline query. so using:

MySqlCommand cmnd = new MySqlCommand("UPDATE sharding_conf SET config = @config WHERE id = 1");

I don't know if @ is used in my sql or ? but that's how it can be fixed.

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