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I am Dnyani wagh and working on Java wicket framework. I am working on Inventory Manangement
System.In this system I generate Bill form but it required some time to load. Now my problem is at a time of form loading, if user click any where on screen, loading process get affected. I want to load bill form and user are not able access my system at a time of bill loading.
Please give me some advice or guideline how i can achieve this.
Thanks in advance.

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I do not really think that blocking user's input is a really good idea. For example, I cannot remember any web service, which does that. However, if you really want, you may show Wicket's ModalWindow with close button disabled. Here is also an example with a source code:

This code will block modal window's close button

modal1.setCloseButtonCallback(new ModalWindow.CloseButtonCallback() {
    public boolean onCloseButtonClicked(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
        return false;
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