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I have 5 labels in my view, respectively tagged 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. I have enabled user interaction on them, and added a tap gesture.

Now what I want is to get the tag of the label being touched.

I am doing something like this:

tapGesture=[[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc]initWithTarget:self action:@selector(tapGestureSelector)];

tapGesture.numberOfTapsRequired = 1.0;     

- (void)tapGestureSelector :(id)sender
    // I need the tag to perform different tasks.
    // So that I would like to get the touched label's tag here.    

If I am not clear in my question please ask me.

Thanks in anticipation for helping.

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Firstly I've added oneLabel and twoLabel as subview to self.view. Then I think there is no need to get the tag.

CGPoint tapPoint = [tapGesture locationInView:self.view];

if (CGRectContainsPoint(self.oneLabel.frame, tapPoint)) {
    NSLog(@"tapped one label");
} else if (CGRectContainsPoint(self.twoLabel.frame, tapPoint)) {
    NSLog(@"tapped two label");
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For accessing the tag of UILabel you need to use the following code in your tapGestureSelector method.

- (void)tapGestureSelector :(id)sender
        UITapGestureRecognizer *gesture = (UITapGestureRecognizer *)sender;
        int labelTag = gesture.view.tag;
        NSlog(@"Clicked label %d", labelTag);

           case 1:
                 NSlog(@"Clicked on label 1");
           case 2:
                 NSlog(@"Clicked on label 2");

           //so on
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gesture.view is the view gesture added to not the view tapped. – sunkehappy Nov 9 '12 at 10:16
@sunkehappy: gesture is added to UILabel, so if we tapped on the label, the tapGestureSelector will work, then the gesture.view will give the UILabel. label.tag will give the tag of label. Read the question carefully before downvoting. – Midhun MP Nov 9 '12 at 11:03
Are you sure gesture is added to UILabel? There five UILable, will you add five UITapGestureRecognizer? One for each UILabel? While I think add a UITapGestureRecognizer to self will be a better idea. – sunkehappy Nov 9 '12 at 12:17
@sunkehappy: Please read this line from his question I have 5 labels in my view tags 1,2,3,4,5 respectively. I have enabled the user interaction mode on then and also applied the Tap gesture. – Midhun MP Nov 9 '12 at 12:19
@sunkehappy: then what is the need of tapgesture ? When you touch on the view the touchesBegan delegate will automatically work, then no need to add tapgesture in it. – Midhun MP Nov 9 '12 at 12:21
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I find the solution in this way and it worked for me very fine. I hope that it will also help you. It is very simple and short.

We can get the Tag of the label by adding this function into our .m file.

-(void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event
    UITouch *touch=[touches anyObject];
    UILabel *label=(UILabel *)touch.view;

    NSLog(@"Label that is tapped has tag %d",label.tag);

Thanks again for all of your very nice suggestions and answers. I hope I will always get good answers of my all questions from SO in future. Thanks to all again.

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Then what is the use of tapgesture ? You don't need to add gesture to UIlabel then. – Midhun MP Nov 9 '12 at 12:41
Yes ! Actually, I have not tested this functionality without adding the gesture to our label and any object, but YES to your answer after testing I can conclude that with tochesBegan function we don't need to add gesture of our label. Thanks Midhun MP to clearify me. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day. – iOmi Nov 12 '12 at 5:03
@MidhunMP :: Please vote up my answer as I have updated it. Thanks buddy in anticipation. – iOmi Nov 12 '12 at 5:11
ok, done that. But remember the touches began will work for all touches on the view not only for label means if you touch on the view, then also it'll work – Midhun MP Nov 12 '12 at 6:33
@MidhunMP: Yes! It is working for all the objects on the View.and UIView is also an object, so it will work for view it too. – iOmi Nov 12 '12 at 6:50

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