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This is not a technical question. But I do want to know where I can submit feature request for ?

I came across a few issues when importing json data using command-line tool bq load, but the error message did not provide valuable info for me to locate the error at all.


Too many errors encountered. Limit is: 0.
Failure details:
- Expected '"' found '4'
- Expected '"' found '3'
- Expected '"' found '4'
- Expected '"' found '3'

It will be very helpful if the error message contains the line number.

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UPDATE: As requested by our developers, we've started an official Google BigQuery API public issue tracker to collect feature requests (and for bug reports as well).

For the bq command line tool itself, the best way to surface issues and feature requests is to add them to the bq project issue tracker here.

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+1 for the update. –  greeness Jan 24 '13 at 0:19

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