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I have one problem. I'm using NAudio, on C#. My Sample rate = 40960. My microphone, give me buffer every 100ms(4096 bytes). I send this to fft. If I look to only 4096 elements, correct to say about sound frequency more than 2048 Hz? Or I need to use for this buffer size more than this?

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You seem to keep asking almost the same question over and over again - maybe you need to read a good introductory book on DSP if you're having trouble understanding the answers that people are giving you ? –  Paul R Nov 9 '12 at 8:51
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Your sample rate, Fs = 40960 Hz, therefore your FFT will represent real positive frequencies from 0 to Fs / 2 (Nyquist) = 0 Hz to 20480 Hz.

The resolution of your FFT is Fs / N = 40960 / 4096 = 10 Hz. So each bin is 10 Hz wide, and the first 2048 complex output bins represents frequencies from 0 to 20480 Hz in 10 Hz increments (you can ignore the other 2048 output bins since they contain no additional information for a purely real input signal).

For a more complete explanation see this answer.

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