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I need to move messsage from an IMAP folder to another IMAP folder (of the same account) via Java.

I work on Gmail and the oauth login.

I use the java imap mail client: i fetch the message with sourceFolder.getMessages() and then I call the method destFolder.appendMessages(sourceFolder.getMessages()) or addMessages: the problem born when the number of the messages to move is too big. I had the to move 8000 mail and the login session expire after several minutes that the procedure has started to add but has not yet finished.

It process about 1 message for second.I use the oauth login

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The normal way to do this is to use server copy and delete. In IMAP syntax, the copy command is tag COPY sequence mailboxname. Like: a000 COPY 1:* INBOX.Saved, would copy all messages to my Saved subfolder.

The method you're doing requires each message to be downloaded then to reupload it.

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