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Here is my string:

"\tsome text\t\t\t\t"

And when I do:

"\tsome text\t\t\t\t".Trim()

the \t are also deleted. How to avoid this?

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also deleted - aren't they the only things deleted? –  Rawling Nov 9 '12 at 8:34
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"\tsome text\t\t\t\t".Trim(' ')
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If you write:

string x = "\tsome text\t\t\t\t";

the string doesn't actually contain "backslash t" anywhere. It contains tab characters, which are whitespace. Trim() trims whitespace, so it removes the tabs.

It's important that you understand that "\t" is just a source code representation of tab. By the time the code is executing, the string has no knowledge of where its data came from - it just knows that there are tabs.

Now if you want to trim just some whitespace characters, use the overload which allows you to specify which characters to trim.

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Trim() will trim all white-space characters (' ', \t, \v, \r, \n, \f) from your string. If you only want to trim spaces from your string you could do this:

Trim(' ')

Or if you wanted to trim spaces, carriage return and line feeds you could do this:

Trim(new char[] { ' ', '\r', '\n' })

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