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I want to get or find all the members of a shared folder from a Dropbox account. Currently I'm using DropNet, but there is no such option i found. If any API or others option is available, please help me.

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The Dropbox API does not currently have any way to programmatically get a list of shared folder members.

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Use Spring Social dropbox framework for .Net. They have already provided some examples in it. In one of the example they have provided the code for listing all files for a particular type.

Additional Code:

//After creating dropbox service use the following code 
//Following code searches the root folder, file of type "all" including subfolders
//To search a particular folder write the path in the first parameter of SearchAsync Method
//To list only "txt" files write ".txt" for the second parameter

dropbox.SearchAsync("", ".").ContinueWith(task =>
    foreach (Entry file in task.Result)
          Console.WriteLine(file.Path); //prints path

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