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here is my Query in mysql

SELECT DATEDIFF('2008-11-30','2008-11-29') AS DiffDate

how to convert in to Hibernate Query Language

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One of the way you can achieve this by extending mysql dialect and register it using registerFunction(String, SQLFunction)

public class CustomMySQL5InnoDBDialect extends MySQL5InnoDBDialect {

  public CustomMySQL5InnoDBDialect () {
    registerFunction( "datediff", new SQLFunctionTemplate( StandardBasicTypes.INTEGER, "datediff(?1, ?2)" ) );

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how to use above code –  Hardik Lotiya Nov 9 '12 at 9:27
create above class and update your hibernate configuaration with CustomMySQL5InnoDBDialect instead of MySQL5InnoDBDialect –  Jigar Parekh Nov 9 '12 at 10:18

I do not think that you could get this specific mysql function into JPA/HQL (you can still use some native querie if you want). A better approach would be using a third party librairy like [Joda-time][1] to compute the number of days between two dates. I do not really see why we should use the database for this.

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