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I am new to django , i am running django on eclipse IDE on linux , i want to make a drop down list for my app , so on goggling i found this code on stack over flow, i tried to make model,view and url for the code , but it didn't work can any one help me out to solve this one .

<select name="movie">
   {% for movie in movies %}
{% ifequal movie.id selected_movie.id %}
 <option value="{{movie.key}}" selected="true">Movie {{movie.id}}: {{movie.name}}</option>
 {% endifequal %}
 {% ifnotequal movie.id selected_movie.id %}
 <option value="{{movie.key}}">Movie {{movie.id}}: {{movie.name}}</option>
 {% endifnotequal %}
   {% endfor %}

can any one guide me write model , view and urls for the above code,

Thanks in advance,


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A roguh draft!




from myapp.models import movies
def get_movies(request):
  return {'movies':movies.objects.all() }


class movies(models.Model):


{% for movie in movies %}
  <p>id: {{ movie.id }}, name: {{ movie.name }} </p>
{% endfor %}
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i tried the above but it is not working as i'm new to django, please give me a clear idea of this. –  ameeth Nov 9 '12 at 9:51

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