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I have found this project on Codeplex.

I need to integrate this code with Sql Server 2008, and found a similar project on the Web

The second one can be bound to Sql Server. What do i need to do, to "bind" the first one, the same way as the first?

EDIT using code like create assembly and functions in Sql Server, Sql Spatial tools is bound to SQL.

I'm not sure i made myself clear, but if i take the same approach, all i need is to register the first one, the same way as the second? (check SQL Scripts->register.sql)

Any light on this matter?

Thank you everyone.

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Studying the .sql file on Sql Spatial tools em and another friend was able to find the correct pathway that we needed.

We builded a function on ProjNet API, and then in Sql Server 2008 we did this:

create assembly ProjNET 'pathToFile' go

create function ourFunction(signature) returns geography as external projnet.ourNamespace.Function

Thanks for the attention everyone.


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