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I have a question on a design problem as follow:

  1. Template Class contain basic information

  2. Subscription Class which extends Template class

Is it possible to have both IDs - 1 id field for Template - 1 id field for Subscription

There are two Classes, and there should be two tables stores in DB and persisted. My design is that: the Template is reusable and persisted and the system can create Subscription object copy form Template class and Subscrption class use a generated Id which different from Template.

So the 'Template' need an Id and 'Subscription' need another Id for my application.

Thanks so much for help.

and the coding as follow:


public class Template implements Serializable{

private static final long serialVersionUID = 12345234567867890L;

@Id @GeneratedValue(generator="hibernate-uuid.hex")
@GenericGenerator(name="hibernate-uuid.hex",strategy = "uuid.hex")
@Column(name="id",length = 40)
protected String id;

@Column(name = "template_attribute",length = 32)
protected String template_atrribute;
 getter and setter and constructor

And with my code for Subscription Class:

public class UserSubscription extends Template implements Serializable{

@GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.TABLE, generator="SID")
@Column(name="subscriptionId",length = 11)
protected Integer subscriptionId;

@Column(name = "start_date")
protected Date startDate;

//getter and setting and constructor


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