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the following php soap call:

$retVal = parent::__soapCall($function_name, $arguments, $options, $input_headers, $output_headers);

with variables as follow:

 1. $function_name = "query"
 2. $arguments = Array ( [0] => Array ( [store] => Array ( [scheme] => workspace [address] => SpacesStore ) [query] => Array ( [language] => lucene [statement] => PATH:"app:company_home" ) [includeMetaData] => ) )
 3. $options = Array ( )
 4. $input_headers = Array ( [0] => SoapHeader Object ( [namespace] => http://docs.oasis-open.org/wss/2004/01/oasis-200401-wss-wssecurity-secext-1.0.xsd [name] => Security [data] => [mustUnderstand] => 1 ) ) 
 5. $output_headers = Array ( )

is not working and is causing connection to abort. Of course I can't get $retVal content because script execution stops on __soapCall. I'm not expert of SOAP. I don't even know if it is lacking some lib (it didn't working at all so far, new server installation): open-ssl, curl and soap extensions are all installed and enabled.

Is there someone that could give some advice on why the script should crash instead of providing some video error?


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Presumably this is SoapClient::__soapCall

Is there anything appearing in any error logs?

Try using the following functions to look for clues:

  1. __getLastRequest (Use that to check that the XML looks correct)
  2. __getLastRequestHeaders (As Above)
  3. __getLastResponse (Sounds like this will probably be empty but worth a shot)
  4. __getLastResponseHeaders (As above)
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Solution is I was missing a php extension causing the call to die.

Missing class was DOMdocument and to install it was pretty easy (not as it was to detect it):

yum -y install lib-xml
service httpd restart

missing lib obtained, all worked.

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