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I have looked at a few JSON libraries for Java, but few of them seem to follow the same serialization pattern as core Java serialization patterns. I would like to use a native Java JSON serialization object, but in the absence of that what third party library matches Native serialization and preferably will serialize anything marked serializable.

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Quick question: what do you mean by pattern? Structure of the format produced, or usage pattern (how to call)? Or perhaps feature set offered? –  StaxMan Sep 1 '09 at 18:18
By pattern I mean the general flow of in put and out put. for instance the XML serializer in Java takes a POJO an writes and XML file or Reads an XML file and produces a POJO. Most Java serialization functions follow the same Pattern of creating an POJO from a serialized file or taking a POJO and serializing it o a file. Most of the third party JSON libraries do not work this way, which is rather silly since JSON is object notation. –  Kelly Anderson May 14 '10 at 15:24

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Have you looked at google's gson ? It will serialize any POJO hierarchy very nicely for you.

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I'm pretty fond of the Jackson JSON Processor. Its fast, and very flexible.

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best I have seen on paper is flexJSON it looks fairly complete and a very close match to the XMLEncoder pattern.

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