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Downloaded and place phundament3 in local machine, ya its working but not when trying to config /install it with Mysql database followed like installation doc ,
where I can find its Mysql dump?
if installation do all for me then how to do in local? can any one explain steps, using Ubuntu 11.04

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seems like migration not working for me ... – raghul Nov 14 '12 at 12:27
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If you accidentally mixed up your installation, eg. you've installed Phundament with a SQLite database (which is the default), but you want to install it with MySQL, take the following steps:

  • update Yii's db component in config/main.php to run with your MySQL database; Note: by default Phundament's console.php uses the same components as the web-app.
  • go to your web app folder and run ./yiic migrate
  • you should see a list of migrations to be applied, answer yes to start the migration

All migrations should now run again, just with your MySQL database.

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