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I am writing http proxy server with support http/1.0. I use my proxy server in browser (google chrome). Proxy gets request something like GET www.site.com HTTP/1.1 and sends response HTTP/1.0 505 HTTP Version Not Supported. After that browser show me that error. However I expect that browser will make re-request with http/1.0 version (for example GET www.site.com HTTP/1.0). Whether I should send another response in order to get desired behaviour from browser? or it isn't possible? How to make the browser to work with http/1.0 proxy-server?

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I guess, this depends on your browser. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, this might help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811262/EN-US

I haven't found anything about http protocol negotiation. A client could issue a "HTTP OPTIONS" request in order to detect the server's abilities, but there is no such requirement from the RFC 2616, Section 19.6. There's only an expectation for clients to understand lower protocol versions.

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