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I have two dev machines I want to use for iOS development.

I have successfully setup my iOS dev profile on my main machine. I can see in Keychain Access app that I have two pairs of keys: iOS Developer public & private keys and iOS Distribution public and private keys.

I transferred my iOS developer profile to a secondary machine using procedure described at (section "Transfer Your Developer Profile to Another Computer"). All went fine and I am able to deploy to my devices.

I have noticed in Keychain Access app that the secondary machine doesn't contain my public keys, only private keys and certs are present. The public keys were not transferred.

If I am going to be a team member and I'd like to ask the team admin for a cert doesn't it involve my public keys? If it does people who just followed Apple's instructions will not have those public keys.

I have managed to move the public keys manually, this is not a problem but I want to understand why public keys are not included in the dev profile transfer procedure.

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The public key is used to generate the certificate. Then, the private key is used to verify the certificate and the provisioning profile that includes it. When you request a new certificate, another pair of keys will be created. Probably, the public key is not transfered during the transfer process because it's not more useful. Here: you can find some more detail.

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