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I have 2 apps sharing the same cake core. Both apps contains similar file names for controllers and models. If debug is ON (> 0), both applications are working without any error. If it is off, whichever app I taken first in the url will work and other will show error like the method not found in the logs. I know, this is something related to cache. Both apps have different tmp folder and I have given necessary permission. But the second app is taking looking into the tmp of first one so that app2 methods will not be there in that tmp. I checked by deleting the cache files and sometimes they are not regenerating. How to solve this issue ? My folder structure

project folder


  • Controller
  • Model
  • tmp

    etc app2

    • Controller
  • Model
  • tmp etc lib

  • cake

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I have 10+ sites running on the same Cake lib and I've never seen this... so I have to assume it's something with your structure, but can't see any issue with what you've provided... can you share you're three altered webroot/index.php lines? That's the only thing I can think for now. –  Dave Nov 9 '12 at 15:06

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It is a cache issue. You most likely are using APC and did not specify unique prefix for cache config for each app. Be sure to change the default $prefix = "myapp_"' line in app/Config/core.php to unique values for each app.

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