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Possible Duplicate:
Importing Python modules from different working directory

I want to import a file that is on the following directory:


I was trying:

import 'E:\edX\cs6.00x\week6\ProblemSet6\ps6'

where is the file i wanted imported in the IDLE, but it complains about a sintax error in the last ', how can I fix that?

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You can

import sys

and then simply

import ps6
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import sys

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hmm... ps6 is the file I want to open, not a folder – vmp Nov 9 '12 at 10:36
import imp
foo = imp.load_source('ps6', 'E:\edX\cs6.00x\week6\ProblemSet6\')
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One possible solution could be to put a mth suffixed file in your sys.prefix directory.

>>> import sys
>>> sys.prefix

So in my case the directory is 'F:\F-ProgramFiles\Python-3.2.3'. I can create a file named forexample 'mymodules.mth' in this directory (with the suffix .mth) which contains at least two lines with the following syntax:

<module1 name without module filename suffix>
<absolute file path to your module1 file>
<module2 name without module filename suffix>
<absolute file path to your module2 file>
<module3 name without module filename suffix>
<absolute file path to your module3 file>

After that if you restart a new python session, normally you should have the visibility to your module and being able to import your desired module(s).



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