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I have tried this -

if (FormView1.CurrentMode == FormViewMode.ReadOnly)
 DropDownList ddlexpense = (DropDownList)FormView1.Row.FindControl("ddle");

on FormView1 DataBound ,Init,ItemCreated and a seperate Function ,but i always get the same error - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

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var cnt = FindControl(formViewTemplate.Row, "controlName");
            var htmlControl = cnt as HtmlControl;
            if (htmlControl != null)
private Control FindControl(Control parent, string id)
        foreach (Control child in parent.Controls)
            string childId = string.Empty;
            if (child.ID != null)
                childId = child.ID;
            if (childId.ToLower() == id.ToLower())
                return child;
            if (child.HasControls())
                Control response = FindControl(child, id);
                if (response != null)
                    return response;

        return null;
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