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I have a page with a draggable object called #elementoDraggabile.

When I move #elementoDraggabile in the x axis I would like also to change the background of another object #elementoDroppable

for example when the position of #elementoDraggabile is x = 1, the background color of #elementoDroppable would be green and when #elementoDraggabile would be x = 2 then the background color of #elementoDroppable should be orange. Somebody can help me?

Here my example:

OK, new file:

The color of #droppable change on hover. Is it possible change his background without hover but when I'm dragging #draggable? Probably i have to modify this line: $("#draggable").on("hover",function(){. Is it right?

Thanks to all!!!

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You need to make use of the API, and for example use the drop event of the droppable element that is fired every time you drop the element, to change the color of the destination.

here's simple example:

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Thanks! I will try!! I've a new file: – user1811574 Nov 9 '12 at 14:29

You can work with the on event and position function.


var p = $("#draggable");
var position = p.position();

if(position.left >10)
        if(position.left >20)


Here is the working code:

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Thanks!! New file: – user1811574 Nov 9 '12 at 14:34

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