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I have in hive the following data:

userid cityid
1      15
2      15
1      7
3      15
2      8
3      9
3      7

And I want to keep only the userid's that have a cityid 15 and a cityid 7 (in my example, it would be userid's 1 and 3). I tried:

select userid from table where cityid = 15 and userid in (select userid from table where cityid = 7);

But with hive it is not working. Can somebody help?


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3 Answers

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Try avoiding a self-join

SELECT  userid
 ( SELECT userid, collect_set( cityid) as cities
   FROM table 
   GROUP BY userid 
WHERE array_contains( cities, 7 )
AND array_contains( cities, 15 );
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Ok, I found how to do it:

select a.userid from (select userid from table where cityid = 15) a join (select userid from table where cityid = 7) b on a.userid = b.userid;
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SELECT DISTINCT userid FROM table_name WHERE cityid == 15 OR cityid == 7;
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Actually this answer is wrong as I want users who have both cityid 15 and cityid 7. –  S4M Nov 20 '12 at 12:38
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