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I found mvc html helper quite useful and easy to use. thats amazing invent.

but im wondering, whether it put extra load during html conversion because im working on where performance is must. if it is so, then what i will normally prefer ? if my work can be accomplish easily with simple html control then what is recommended html helper or simple html ?

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I would recommend using the Razor Helpers, in order to optimize your response performance you should use caching like ASP.NET In-Memory Caching or App-Fabric Caching.

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Html Helpers have virtually now impact on performance when compared to normal Html. They also allow you to reuse code efficiently. Also, being a method you can pass parameters to it. Use normal html only if you're not planning to reuse that html code.

Plus Html.Helpers being C# (or VB.NET) code will be compiled, hence they'll run very fast. You needn't worry about performance from this point of view

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