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I used wkhtmltoimage to generate image, then I input command

  1. wkhtmltoimage http://www.baidu.com/tmp/screenshot.jpg

  2. wkhtmltopdf http://www.baidu.com/tmp/screenshot.pdf

The result is Chinese character could not show.

The version:

wkhtmltopdf   wkhtmltopdf 0.9.6
wkhtmltoimage  wkhtmltoimage 0.11.0 rc1

Can anyone help me? Any help will be appreciated;

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it looks like you are trying to use the wkhtmlto_ programs as OCR - your commands above are trying to turn an image into an image and a pdf to a pdf.

This is a command i use on a windows project I have worked on to do this:

wkhtmltoimage --encoding "utf8" --quality 100 --zoom 1.4 --crop-w 816 C:/.../public/temporary/temp.html C:/.../public/temporary/temp.jpg

note the --encoding "utf8" in my command. Hope this helps!

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